Jamesburg incumbent says why she will not seek reelection to school board

BY Christopher Lang, Correspondent, @topherlang2 | MonroeNow | Aug 11, 2018

JAMESBURG – A vote in 2016 to reduce the number of school board seats has led to an incumbent deciding not to seek reelection.

Anne Luck-Deak was appointed to finish an unexpired term that concludes Dec. 31. While in most cases a candidate in such a position would seek a full-term, Luck-Deak opted not to run for a full-term.

That’s because in 2016, Jamesburg voters approved a ballot question that would reduce the number of elected seats from nine to seven over a two-year period.

Though three terms expire on Dec. 31, including Luck-Deak’s seat, only two seats will be available for the board to meet the reduced number of elected trustees.

District officials said voters approved reducing the number of trustees because the district at times has had a difficult time filling vacancies.

“Earlier this year when I became aware of the vacancy on our town’s Board of Education, I expressed an interest in serving in that position even though I knew the BOE would be downsized from eight positions to seven positions at the end of this year,” Luck-Deak said in a statement. “I felt strongly that our students and our community deserved to have a full Board serving on their behalf and I was happy to dedicate the time needed to the task while also learning all I could and having as much of a positive impact as possible.”

Though Luck-Deak could have run for one of the two open seats against fellow board members Elliott Stroul and Paul Rutsky she will instead support their candidacy.

“I believe that the Board of Education members I have served with since my appointment are dedicated, smart public servants with the best interests of our students and community at heart,” she said. “. I see no reason to do anything but support Mr. Rutsky and Mr. Stroul and the rest of the BOE members in their work moving forward. They have valuable knowledge and experience and use it with integrity for the benefit of our students and our community. I wish Mr. Rutsky and Mr. Stroul all the best in their bid for re-election.”

Though she will be off the board come January, Luck-Deak said it doesn’t mean she will also end her involvement with the district.

“I plan to remain active in our School District as my son is a student at JFK and I look forward to any future opportunities to serve the students and community of Jamesburg,” she said.

Stroul, the board president, and Rutsky, the vice president and the Jamesburg representative to the Monroe Board of Education, are seeking reelection unopposed.