Jamesburg, South Brunswick residents indicted for dark web drug trafficking business

BY Christopher Lang, Correspondent, @topherlang2, MonroeNow, Aug 20, 2019

Multiple Central Jersey residents were indicted last week as part of an operation that was allegedly trafficking drugs through the dark web, authorities said.

The indictment handed down on Aug. 16 is a result of a multi-state and agency investigation that allegedly uncovered a counterfeit drug store, authorities announced in April.

In total, a Grand Jury issued a 30-count indictment for five people and two corporations allegedly involved.

Codd and his wife Tania Codd were indicted for failing to file personal tax returns and pay income taxes along with Chester Anderson, 45, of South Brunswick, Ronald MacCarty, 51, of Jackson and his wife Marissa MacCarty.

Anderson, Codd, and MacCarty were also indicted for racketeering along with Next Level Research & Development in South Brunswick and MTM Cellular Wireless Spot in Asbury Park.

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Authorities believe that Anderson was the leader of the trafficking network and promoted “organized street crimes,” which he was also indicted.

The two companies allegedly involved were indicted for financial facilitation of criminal activity “for dealing with property or engaging in transactions involving property known to be derived from criminal activity,” authorities said.

Three of the indicted were arrested on April 3 after an 18-month investigation that started with the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office.

In announcing the arrests in April, authorities believed the trafficking operation was operated at the Asbury Park location, allegedly selling counterfeit drugs including Xanax and fentanyl-laced heroin.

According to authorities, deals were allegedly made using cryptocurrency to launder $2.3 million by using preloaded debit cards and withdrawing cash from ATMs from clients nationwide.

Through the “sinmed” screen name, authorities allege that Anderson ran two dark web storefronts to sell the counterfeit pills and other controlled substances. Codd and MacCarty allegedly helped with manufacturing and acquiring equipment.

Anderson and MacCarty are accused of creating a shell company called Next Level Research and Development designed to purchase microcrystalline cellulose – the main ingredient used to create pharmaceutical tablets. They also allegedly used MacCarty’s cell phone store, The Wireless Spot, to buy a pill press, powder mixer and “punch dies” used to imprint Xanax labels on alprazolam pills.